Nature's Diversity - a bush with purple flowers in the middle of a forest
Natural Chemistry - Wooden Mortar and Pestle Used in Extracting Medicinal Flowers
Ecosystem Education - Crop unrecognizable person throwing small globe against lush bush with green leaves in garden
Terrestrial Ecosystems - a close up of a bug on a leaf
Terrestrial Ecosystems - a cell phone tower on top of a roof
Nature - landscape photography of mountain hit by sun rays
Natural Resources - Pile of Coal
Vital Ecosystems - Girl in a White Dress in a Greenhouse
Deforestation - green trees on brown soil
Terrestrial Ecosystems - a close-up of a yellow and black insect
Terrestrial Exploration - Starry Sky Over Mountains
Shifting Landscape - mountain near body of water
Carbon - white and black ship on sea under white clouds
Green Energy - aerial photography of grass field with blue solar panels
Terrestrial Ecosystems - brown rocky mountain beside river during daytime
Shared Heritage - A landscape near Rangdum on the way to Zanskar, Leh-Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Zanskar is a forbidden and most beautiful valley of Ladakh.
Bird Refuge -
Endangered Haven - 2 Brown Elephants on Brown Sand
Autumn - forest against sunlight at daytime
Desert - a person walking through a canyon in the desert
Ecosystems, Water Interdependence - Spheroid brain coral on sea bottom
Green Peace - brown tree trunk on green grass field
Nature's Innovation - Rural wooden house in meadow
Ecosystem Stability - Stacked of Stones Outdoors
Ecological Exploration. - Desk Globe On A Skeleton
Climate - forest and mountain partially covered with fog
Terrestrial Ecosystems - brown tree trunk in close up photography
Ecosystem Health - Green Plant on Brown Woven Basket
Ecological - blue and white fishing boat
Protecting Biodiversity - An artist’s illustration of artificial intelligence (AI). This image depicts how AI could help understand ecosystems and identify species. It was created by Nidia Dias as part of the Visua...

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